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Hello guys^^ At Korean Sarangheyo here you can get all the Korean language lesson from me for FREE, and with all the tips you can get about Korean language and other Korean relate stuff. I'm still learning myself so let's learn together^^ 한국어 화이팅!!! I promise I will make learning Korean As Easy As Possible =)


여로분 사랑해요

Koreanheyo Comeback Post

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HEY GUYS^^ It's been so long since I last write on this blog. Counting back it's around 10 month, and during this period I had been busy studying for my degree, end my third year recently, undergoing internship now, and of course study Korean language every day =)

We Get Married - 우리 결혼했어요

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First of all I would like to apologize for my absent because of my busy life. Currently I'm doing mini project for one of my degree course and it really give me headache. However stressing yourself all the time won't do any good so I want to introduce to all Korean fan out there this Korean reality show.

We Get Married or 우리 결혼했어요 is a Korean reality show where Korean celebrities will be pair up as a couple and given mission to complete where the "fake" couple will dating and even live together through out the show. The couple will be interview on every event where they talk about their feeling and thought for each other.

Korean Honorifics

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As you guys study about Korean language, you might come across to many different verb ending for example 해, 해요, 하세요, 합니다, 하십니다 and more, each represent different level of speech use to indicated the level of formality of a situation.

The Korean language emphasize a lot on showing respect, thus born the honorific system in Korean grammer which used to differentiate the level of familiarity, or difference in social rank between addresser and the addressee.

There are many way to show respect in Korean language. I will try to simplify and make sure you guys understand the basic behind this honorifics system which often brings confusion to foreigner studying this language.

Lesson 05 - How About A Cup Of Coffee?

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Coffee is actually part of Korean culture nowadays. Most of the Koreans love coffee and you can find coffee vending machines all over cities and street. Culturally Korean always offer to treat each other a cup of coffee and it will be rude if you are having coffee all alone, which brings us to our topic in this lesson. In this lesson, past tense will be used in the conversation.

Korean Past Tense - 았다 and 었다

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In our daily conversation we talk about past, present and future. The past tense in Korean language is not as hard in English with many irregular, and the rule of stating the past tense is actually quite simply. Putting verb or adjective in past tense involve conjugation by combining with 았다 and 었다.

Lesson 04 - Where Is My Korean Notebook?

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Where is my Korean notebook? I still remember asking this to my mom as I cannot find my notebook which contains all the essential of Korean language I study. Until now that notebook is still not found and because of that I'm starting this blog to repeat everything I studied and share it with you all =)

We are going to learn about asking where is something in this lesson. Being a forgetful person and always having short-term memory loss, we are always asking "where is my cellphone?" or "where is my pencil?". This lesson will be great for you guys to learn about preposition of place in Korean.

Difference Between Subject Marker(가,이) and Topic Marker(는,은)

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If you follow my lesson from start you should already learn topic marker and object marker. You are going to learn one more particle use in Korean language and often confusing for foreigner to understand: Subject Marker.

Pretty much like the object marker, you can guess that for subject marker is place after the subject. "" is place if the word didn't have a final consonant and "" is place if the word have a final consonant. However, the topic and subject in a sentence may be the same sometimes so how should we know when to put topic marker and when to put subject marker.

Kdrama - Shining Inheritance 찬란한 유산

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Finally I was able to finish this drama. I know I'm kind of outdated for its first release on April last year but I'm glad I watched this drama because this is one great drama ^^ even my parent watch this =D

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