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Hello guys^^ At Korean Sarangheyo here you can get all the Korean language lesson from me for FREE, and with all the tips you can get about Korean language and other Korean relate stuff. I'm still learning myself so let's learn together^^ 한국어 화이팅!!! I promise I will make learning Korean As Easy As Possible =)


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Koreanheyo Comeback Post

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HEY GUYS^^ It's been so long since I last write on this blog. Counting back it's around 10 month, and during this period I had been busy studying for my degree, end my third year recently, undergoing internship now, and of course study Korean language every day =)

Speaking about dedication, I set a goal to myself, which is to study three short lesson a day to review back what I learned before and learning new grammar too since May. Slowly my Korean notebook is getting thicker with all the knowledge I learned so far. Maybe someday I can publish books about Korean language study too (Just kidding^^)

Sometime during the 10 month period, my blog becomes terribly ugly because of Photobucket problem. It appears that every month the website will show "bandwidth exceeded" on every single image source from there. I'm sorry that my blog viewers out there had to bear with this, but worries no more as I'm fixing it now =) Everything will going to be restore to the once beautiful template that I custom made based from the Astra template~ Never forgot to give credit to original creator ^^

Stay tune for more coming update~ I will try my best to write new lesson for coming post =)

The END~ 


  1. Appreciate your effort! 화이팅~

  2. Thanks 유팅 for your support ^^

    Let's 화이팅 together =D


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